Camper Travel and Visiting Day

One of our required camp forms will ask you to indicate how your camper is getting to and from camp. Here are some details about your travel options this summer.

Travel To Camp (Opening Day)

Chartered Buses:

When possible, we recommend having your child travel to camp on our chartered coach buses. Counselors and senior staff ride the buses and we carefully assign seating to help campers get to know each other. There is no additional transportation charge for taking the bus to camp.
Camp Bus from New York
Akeela staff members will meet and greet you at 9:30 AM in the Super Stop & Shop parking lot at 610 White Plains Road (Rte 119) in Tarrytown, NY. The bus will leave at 10:00 AM.
Camp Bus from Boston
Please meet our staff members at 12:00 noon at the Northbound McDonald’s Rest Area on Route 128 in Lexington, MA. The bus will leave at 12:30 PM.
Note: Rest Area is accessible from Route 128 Northbound only, near Exit 46 (which USED TO be called exit number 30). The GPS address for the McDonald’s is 690 Marrett Road in Lexington.

Parent Drop-Off:

Families traveling from other areas of the country, and those that prefer to do so, may bring children to camp by car. Please plan to arrive at camp between 2:00 and 2:30 PM.
Our staff will be prepared to help your child make a smooth transition into camp. Please assist us with this process by planning to stay at camp only long enough to unpack your car and say goodbye to your child. Not only will this help us prepare for the bus arrivals, but it will make your separation much easier as well!
Directions to camp are available here. Please take our advice and use these directions as navigation systems will not give you good directions to camp!

Air Travel:

Campers traveling by air have two arrival options. One option is to arrive at Logan Airport in Boston before and as close to 12:00pm (noon) as possible on the first day of camp. Alternatively, parents may fly to Boston with their campers the night before. They can then either bring their children to the camp bus in Lexington at noon or meet up with Akeela staff members at a predetermined time and location in the airport. Please check with our office before making any flight reservations.

Camper Pick-Up / Visiting Day (Closing Day)

The last day of each camp session is both camper pick-up day and visiting day at Camp Akeela.
Please plan to arrive between 9:30 and 10:00 AM on the last day of your child’s session. You will have a chance to tour camp, enjoy your camper’s favorite activities and get a taste of our camp spirit. Of course, parents will also meet their children’s counselors and friends. We will serve a great buffet lunch and then families depart in the early afternoon. More information about visiting day will be sent out during the summer.

NO DOGS WILL BE ALLOWED IN CAMP ON VISITING DAY – we appreciate your understanding.

We will be offering return transportation to Boston Logan Airport (for a fee of $150) and to Westchester County, NY (for a fee of $150). While these return transportation options are available to all campers, we do encourage first-time Akeela families to participate in our visiting day, if possible.

Family Handbook Table of Contents

  1. About Akeela & About CampGroup
  2. Camper Travel and Visiting Day
  3. Packing List & Baggage Shipping Information
  4. Purchasing Camp Clothing, Prohibited Items & Laundry
  5. Communication: Mail, Phone Calls & Parent Communication
  6. Health Care: Medications, Health Communication, Medical Charges, Other Health Concerns
  7. Food, Health and Wellness
  8. Electronics Policy
  9. Homesickness Prevention
  10. Success at Akeela
  11. Camper Code of Conduct
  12. Additional Activities and Trips
  13. “Open House” Orientation Day
  14. Driving Directions