Our Campers

Camp Akeela campers are boys and girls completing grades 3-10 who are seeking a fun-filled, engaging camp experience that supports their social growth. Akeela also has a program for older teens who have completed 11th or 12th grade.

Parents and teachers describe our campers as bright, creative and well-behaved. At the same time, Akeela campers struggle to make meaningful social connections with peers. A typical Akeela camper is academically successful in mainstream school settings, although may receive extra help with executive functioning skills, social pragmatics, or other social deficits. They often need practice and guidance in reading non-verbal cues, exhibiting conversational empathy, or understanding social nuances.

Asperger’s Syndrome and Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NLD or NVLD)

Many of our campers have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (more recently classified as High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD), a Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NLD or NVLD), or a related social communication disorder. Many Akeela campers have no diagnosis, but thrive in smaller environments where adults who really “get them” help them make meaningful social connections.

They sometimes have secondary diagnoses of ADD/ADHD, anxiety, or mild OCD. However, our campers do NOT typically present with physical impulsivity, emotional or behavioral disorders, disruptive or aggressive behavior, risk of harm to self or others, nor psychosis.

Family Campers Activities