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Social Skills Camp Job

Cabin Counselors

Cabin counselors are invaluable staff members who live, play, laugh and learn with their campers. Cabin counselors assist, support and motivate campers whether at activities or listening to their concerns about an issue or idea. Throughout the day cabin counselors participate in their cabin’s activities and do everything in their power to make each of their campers’ summer the most memorable yet. Because they spend their whole day with their cabin group, they really get to know their campers and are in the best position to make a difference in their lives.

Our counselors are true role models who possess patience, enthusiasm and a passion for working with Akeela campers. Each cabin counselor has at least one period off each day, as well as a rotating schedule for evenings and rest hours.


Activity specialists play a dual role at Camp Akeela. They live alongside cabin counselors in camper bunks and have part-time responsibility for the well-being of those campers. Specifically, they help out in the bunk at morning clean-up, during rest hour, and in the evenings. In their other capacity, specialists teach or coach in their specific program area during four out of the five activity periods of each day (the fifth being a period off).

Specialists are flexible, enthusiastic and well-organized people who can instruct both boys and girls of varying ages (9-18). Underlying every activity at Camp Akeela is a focus on supporting the social growth of our campers, all of whom struggle to connect with their peers. We encourage our specialists to apply their experience to designing their own lessons, but they also receive extensive training and ongoing guidance from program heads and key staff.

Head Counselors

Applicants with more experience and expertise may apply to one of Akeela’s senior staff positions. Head Counselors are experienced individuals who support the staff and campers in their assigned 3-4 camper cabins. Head Counselors do not live in camper cabins, however spend most of their days with their assigned cabins creating a fun and socially engaging experience for their campers. They also partner with parents during the summer as a liaison between camp and camper families. An official job description can be found below.

Head Counselor Job Description

Program Heads

Program Heads are responsible for planning and implementing one of camp’s program areas (such as art, outdoor adventure or waterfront). Depending on their age and the size of their program, some will live in camper cabins while others will live in staff housing. They typically supervise a staff of 1-5 other staff members. More details about senior program positions can be found below:

Art Director Job Description
Program Director Job Description
Ropes Director Job Description
Hiking & Camping Director Job Description

Support Staff

No camp could run without having great people in key positions from the kitchen and camp office to our maintenance crew and security staff. At Akeela, these men and woman are active and valued members of our camp community. While they work less directly with children, they also must be passionate about being role models and making a difference in kids’ lives.

Social Skills Camp Job