Camp Clothing and Laundry

Purchasing Camp Clothing

CampSpot is our official camp supplier. To see our page on CampSpot, simply type Akeela where it asks for Camp Name on their home page. There is lots of great Akeela gear in our camp store, but only the basic logo’d lightweight cotton t-shirt is required.


Laundry will go out weekly and be returned the following day in individual color coded laundry bags provided by camp. Please remember, laundry is done by a commercial laundry, and expensive/fancy clothes are not appropriate or necessary for camp.

Prohibited Items

Each camper is provided with a cubby and an under bed container to store his/her belongings. Please do not send extra storage containers or drawer units, as there is no space for these. We appreciate your understanding.
Also, please do not send or allow your camper to bring any of the following items to camp:

  • Any type of toy gun (including foam, water, dart)
  • Knives or any other type of weapon (including Swiss Army or Boy Scout types)
  • Any type of tobacco product, drugs or alcohol
  • Pets or any other animals
  • Any devices that don’t comply with our electronics policy

Family Handbook Table of Contents

  1. About Akeela & About CampGroup
  2. Camper Travel and Visiting Day
  3. Packing List & Baggage Shipping Information
  4. Purchasing Camp Clothing, Prohibited Items & Laundry
  5. Communication: Mail, Phone Calls & Parent Communication
  6. Health Care: Medications, Health Communication, Medical Charges, Other Health Concerns
  7. Safety, Health and Wellness
  8. Electronics Policy
  9. Homesickness Prevention
  10. Success at Akeela
  11. Camper Code of Conduct
  12. Additional Activities and Trips
  13. “Open House” Orientation Day
  14. Driving Directions