Open House Orientation Day

Depending on COVID safety, we hope to be able to welcome new families to an Open House at Akeela in early June!

If the event takes place, you can expect to:

  • Take a tour of camp: See your bunk and get the “lay of the land” Meet bunkmates and other Akeela campers & families
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking Miller Pond
  • Participate in “work projects” to help get camp ready for opening day!

We’ll let you know as camp gets closer if Open House is happening this summer.

Family Handbook Table of Contents

  1. About Akeela & About CampGroup
  2. Camper Travel and Visiting Day
  3. Packing List & Baggage Shipping Information
  4. Purchasing Camp Clothing, Prohibited Items & Laundry
  5. Communication: Mail, Phone Calls & Parent Communication
  6. Health Care: Medications, Health Communication, Medical Charges, Other Health Concerns
  7. Food, Health and Wellness
  8. Electronics Policy
  9. Homesickness Prevention
  10. Success at Akeela
  11. Camper Code of Conduct
  12. Additional Activities and Trips
  13. “Open House” Orientation Day
  14. Driving Directions

Important Note for 2021

One of the reasons we have made this Handbook available on our website, rather than sending it by snail mail, is that we anticipate making changes well into the spring, as we learn more about how COVID-19 will affect our plans for this summer. To be clear, camp is definitely opening and we’re ready to keep our campers healthy and safe in any scenario. However, current conditions, as well as guidance from health professionals and the State of Vermont, might affect some of our programs, schedules, policies, etc.