Taylor Whitchurch, Camp Counselor – 2015-2019

Hi! I’m Taylor Whitchurch, a student teacher from the UK! The 2019 season was my 4th summer at Akeela, where I’ve been a swimming specialist, counselor and aquatics director. I’ve worked on both the Vermont and Wisconsin camps.

Away from camp I have recently completed my degree in Medical Sciences, and worked as a care support worker for adults with complex needs. I have a special interest in working with the ASD population, and have volunteered on a number of projects both at university and in my local community.

Before all of this came my Akeela experience. In 2015, my first summer, at the age of 19, I flew three and a half thousand miles away from my home and family to Boston. Summer camp is not a thing that we do in the UK, and I came with a number of preconceptions about what my experience would be. Long days by the pool, bare cabins and a relaxed atmosphere. Akeela was all of this. But it was also so much more. The community that we build at Akeela is something special. Every person feels supported, not only the campers but the councillors as well. The opportunities that I have been given at Akeela have allowed me to qualify as a lifeguard and develop as an educator and a leader within the community. It’s also allowed me to develop as a person. I am more empathetic towards those who think in a different way than I do, and have developed an appreciation of the amazing diversity that our campers display.

I tell people away from camp that my time at Akeela has been one of the defining experiences of my life. And it truly has. From discovering my future career path, networking with other professionals in the field and having just about the best time it’s possible to have, Akeela really has it all.

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