Wisconsin Camp Akeela


Wisconsin Camp Akeela is a 2 week sleep-away camp on the stunning Midwest campus of Lawrence University in central Wisconsin. Housing in college dorm halls is organized to create community and “cabin life” with peers and counselors. Program includes visual and performing arts, athletics, swimming, computer programming and more!

We are a small, nurturing community that supports bright and kind boys and girls who sometimes struggle socially to connect with other kids their age. Some of our campers have an ASD or Asperger’s diagnosis while many others don’t have a formal diagnosis but are often described as “quirky”. All have chosen Akeela because they thrive in settings that are more structured and predictable, and where staff members can help facilitate lifelong friendships amongst campers.

If you’d like to speak with one of our directors to learn more about our unique community, give us a call at 866-680-4744.

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