Emily Bowen – Cabin Counselor, 2019

Why work at Akeela? It quite literally will change your life. For me, I was a soon-to-graduate Psychology major from LA when I applied to Akeela. I wanted a different and unique way to spend my summer, and once I got hired, I got nervous about what to expect. The second I arrived and was wholeheartedly embraced by staff, given a great week of training, then worked day-to-day with these kids, all my nerves and unsure thoughts flew out the window.

At Akeela, you work incredibly hard and face challenges, but you have so much support. Along with friends you immediately make during orientation, you have 3 other co-counselors living with you in your cabin, you have a head counselor to report to and assist when needed, and you have Debbie and Eric, the camp directors, who are more than willing to help with anything. You are living in rural Vermont without cell service all summer, which sounds like a turn-off. However, you are surrounded by gorgeous mountains, trees and fresh air and literally have to make connections with others instead of hiding behind your phone. You phone would also constantly distract you from being a good counselor; kids need attention, and I know that I highly benefited from not having my phone on me at work.

Akeela is truly a second home to me only after one summer. This community of amazing people are communicative, supportive, kind, and hilarious. The kids too are truly unique and admire everything you do, which is why I’ve always been drawn to summer camp. They are surrounded by other kids like them, and being given the opportunity to help them make connections, improve social skills, try new things, smile and laugh is seriously the best. I can’t go back to Akeela this summer, which breaks my heart, but I know for a fact that I’ll be back in the future. Apply today!! You won’t regret it.

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