Akeela VT Fall Newsletter

The Akeela Vermont Fall Circular is here!

In this edition of our newsletter:

  • An update from our program director about exciting things to look forward to in summer 2020
  • Our gratitude for all of the Akeela families who completed their post-camp surveys
  • The 6th annual Winter Weekend will be January 11-12, 2020!
  • Check out a few photos of camp during prime “leaf-peeping” season
  • Congratulations to Kevin and Kristin Trimble, who recently welcomed twin boys to their family
  • POISE-a-thon results
  • Upcoming birthdays

Read the entire newsletter here.

Also in the newsletter is the following letter from Debbie and Eric:

Dear Campers,

We can’t believe how quickly time has passed. It seems like yesterday that we were all at camp singing “Friends, Friends, Friends” on the shores of Miller Pond. Suddenly, the trees are changing colors here in Philadelphia and we’re wearing our sweaters. We thought this was a great opportunity to remind you of some of your amazing successes at camp this past summer. Sometimes, after something has ended, it’s hard to remember all of the great feelings you had about it and what you learned. While at Camp Akeela …

  • You made your own bed EVERY DAY!
  • You helped clean your bunk EVERY DAY!
  • You helped with “dining hall duty” with your bunk.
  • You participated in meal-time discussions with your bunkmates and counselors.
  • You participated in activities, even new things that made you uncomfortable.
  • You considered the feelings & needs of the rest of the community.
  • You survived without electronics or internet access for three and a half weeks!
  • You made connections with other campers.
  • You spoke at an Evening Meeting or were recognized at an Evening Meeting.
  • You went on a hike every week.
  • You left the comfort of your home and your family to be at Akeela.

We hope you take this opportunity to think back on your time at camp and remember your friends. You should know that your friends are thinking of you too! We think it would be a great idea to email or call your friends from Akeela. You might tell them about your new teacher, your activities outside of school and anything you’re doing for fun. Maybe you’d like to send them a picture of you in your Halloween costume!

As always, we’re thinking of you with great fondness and can’t wait to be together again at camp.


Eric & Debbie

Read the entire newsletter here.

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