Akeela Schedule … Home Edition!

These are extremely hard times for everyone. With so much uncertainty, many of us feel more anxious than usual. No doubt, this is true for Akeela campers, too, as they tend to thrive when there is predictability and consistency … neither of which exist right now. That’s hard to cope with and we want to help in every way we can. Without schools, libraries, restaurants, you and your kids may feel trapped – so here are some ideas that might make your days feel more structured and predictable.

Camp is 3 months away but, with all this extra time, why not start practicing a camp schedule? Below is a version of the Akeela daily schedule, adjusted for home life (brought to you by your camp directors … who are also stuck at home with young kids!)

Daily “Camp” Schedule

7:30am       Wakeup & Morning Routine

  • Brush your teeth
  • Wash your face
  • Make your bed

8:00am       Breakfast
older kids can help with cooking/prep and younger kids can set the table. Everyone should help with clearing dishes and washing when possible.

8:30am       Clean-up

  • Tidy your room/space
  • Put away clean clothes
  • Make sure all dirty clothes are in your hamper
  • Put away any games/activities that are out

9:00am       Morning Huddle
What’s the plan for the day? Does everyone have what he/she needs? What is one thing you’re looking forward to?

9:15am       Activity One
Math, SS, Science, English/Reading, Foreign Language
(if you have school assignments, you can spread them out, one subject for each activity period.)

10:15am       Activity Two
See above

11:15am       Free Time!
Are their neighbors around? Play outside! Build a fort, a fairy house, paint rocks. Write a poem about nature. Draw a landscape. Make an obstacle course in your back yard. Go for a walk/run/bike ride around your neighborhood.

12:00pm       Lunch!
Again, everyone can help with setting up, cleanup….etc.)

12:45pm       Rest Hour
Quiet time alone in your room….read, rest, draw, listen to music….etc.

1:45am       Activity Three
More academics or:

  • Cooking lesson with a parent or older sibling
  • Life Skills: (learn how to….) Do laundry, wash dishes, wash a car, clean a bathroom, vacuum, mop, sweep
  • Practice a musical instrument
  • Art projects (from Amazon, pinterest….etc.)
  • More outside play/running, biking, walking

2:45pm       Snack!

3:00pm       Activity Four (Specialty)
Camper Choice! (choose from a list of options from your parents)

4:00pm       Activity Five (Specialty)
Camper Choice! (choose from a list of options from your parents)

5:00pm       Shower Hour
Shower, tidy up from the day – pick up any games/supplies

6:00pm       Dinner

7:00pm       Evening Meeting

  • Family Announcements: logistics, schedules, “business”
  • Announcements of recognition/appreciation
  • Suggestion Box

7:30pm       Evening Activity
Reading quietly, listening to a podcast together … whatever your family routine is before bed!

Quiet reading/drawing in bed and lights out! 😉

We hope this helps give some structure to your time together and helps everybody get ready for a fantastic summer at camp!

– Debbie and Eric

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