Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program

Akeela and High Horses

We have partnered with High Horses to create a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program for Akeela campers! High Horses is located in Sharon, VT (just 30 minutes away from camp). It has been in operation for over 20 years. This very well regarded center uses PATH International Registered instructors. This deliver a top tier Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program to their riders. Learn more about High Horses program on their website:

Therapeutic horsemanship is a unique partnership between riders, horses and certified instructors to enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educational skills in people of varying abilities.
Therapeutic horseback riding engages the rider’s mind and body to promote increased self-esteem and confidence. As well as improve posture, balance, hand-eye coordination and muscle tone. Seniors, veterans, adults, teens and children with physical, cognitive or emotional issues find strength, courage and independence with the help of horses each year. Because the gait of a horse so closely mimics that of a human being, improvements in strength, muscle memory and physical ability are often realized. Moreover, the unique relationship formed with the horse can lead to elevated trust, patience, joy and self-worth.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding ProgramRiders of all skill levels from beginner to expert are welcome to participate in the Akeela’s Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program with High Horses. The amazing instructors at High Horses provide individual attention to each rider to meet their needs in the program. And riders are also supported by Akeela staff members at each session. The volunteers and instructors at High Horses tell us our visits to the center are their favorite times of the summer!

What can you expect from the riding program?

Therapeutic Horseback RidingOver the course of one session, campers who enroll in the program will participate in six classes at the High Horses riding center. The classes will be led by High Horses’ instructors, and Akeela staff members will join each group at the facility. Through this fun and engaging program, campers will improve balance and coordination, gain confidence, and improve upon expressive communication. High Horses has a long history of working with children on the autism spectrum in New England. On these skills through their Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program.

Who can register?

Any enrolled Akeela camper! No previous experience is necessary, and experienced riders will find new challenges through the program. Please give us a call to see if the program is right for your camper!