Activities and Choice at Akeela Wisconsin


Art, ceramics, computer programming, cooking, dance, drama, music, radio, rocketry


Wisconsin summer camp Activities Choices peopleRecreational swim, swim instruction

Land Sports:

Basketball, frisbee golf, martial arts, soccer, softball, tennis

Trips & Outdoor Adventure:

Outdoor adventure activities provide the perfect setting for facilitating group dynamics, social skill development and healthy risk-taking. Our program includes:
Wisconsin summer camp Activities Choices

  • nature & science
  • sustainable gardening
  • weekly trips for every camper
  • optional overnight camping trips


Community service, LARP (live action role playing) and special events!

Opportunities for Choice: Specialty Periods

While campers take comfort in the structure and predictability of the Camp Akeela program, they also thrive when given a chance to pick their own activities. Our program includes ample opportunity for choice and specialization.

In particular, two activities each day are called “Specialty Periods.” Each week, campers select two program areas in which to specialize.

This allows them time to further develop proficiency and confidence in their favorite areas – and to connect with others who share their interests.

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Wisconsin summer camp Activities Choices swimming

Wisconsin summer camp Activities Choices

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