What Are Head Counselors?

Lots of people get confused about the actual role of these important leaders in our community. Perhaps it’s the title that’s misleading … head counselors are not the wonderful staff members who live in your child’s cabin. Those are cabin counselors and specialists.

Our head counselors are adults who live in our community and who supervise between 3 and 5 cabins. They oversee the well-being of the campers and staff in those groups and are the primary “point person” for you to call when you have a question about your child’s success at camp.

Head counselors spend all day out in camp with their campers and staff, providing ongoing support and feedback. They check messages a few times a day and return parent calls, usually in the evening. They are a wonderful resource to us as camp directors and serve as our eyes and ears, as we cannot be everywhere at once! While we oversee the entire community (120 campers and close to 100 staff members), the head counselors focus on their few cabin groups.

Please let us know if you have any questions about your child’s head counselor this summer. (You can find profiles of our head counselors here.)