Akeela Family Stay & Play: January 19 – 21, 2019

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A Stay Like No Other

We have reserved a block of rooms at the Hotel on North in the heart of downtown Pittsfield, MA for Akeela families to come together for a fun filled weekend. Don’t miss this opportunity to get away, to pamper yourself and to bond with other Akeela families. We will relax, play, and share with each other in an amazing setting.

Simultaneously, the Akeela Winter Weekend will be going on at Camp Winadu, a short 10 minute drive from our hotel. Stay & Play families can drop off their Akeela camper at the Winter Weekend before enjoying a wonderful weekend at the hotel and surrounding area, or can choose the Winter Weekend Day Camper option.


In An Extraordinary Location

The Family Stay & Play will take place at the Hotel on North in Pittsfield, MA. It has a great location downtown, close to the Children’s Museum, movie theaters and many fantastic restaurants.

The Weekend Schedule

The Family Stay & Play is a chance for your family to have a relaxing weekend together and (re)connect with other Akeela families. Other than two parent-only roundtable meetings, led by Debbie and Eric, there will not be a set program. Each family has the freedom to choose their own activities and to go at their own pace! Pittsfield has something for everyone, check out some of it’s many offerings here: https://hotelonnorth.com/things-to-do/in-the-neighborhood/.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be organized meetings for parents during the weekend?
Camp Akeela’s directors, Debbie and Eric Sasson, will be on-site during the weekend. In addition to a welcome gathering at 4pm on Saturday (January 19), they will offer two planned parent only roundtable style meetings over the course of the weekend. More details about times and meeting locations to come!

Can my child attend the Akeela Winter Weekend reunion at the same time?
Yes, we scheduled these two events at the same time and in close proximity for this reason. You can drop your camper at the Winadu Lodge in Pittsfield before heading to Hotel on North, and then pick him/her up in Pittsfield on Sunday afternoon. You can also choose to drop off your children at the Winter Weekend as day campers. Please note, even day campers must complete the registration form found on the Winter Weekend web page.

What about my other children?
You are welcome to bring your children to the Hotel on North with you. However, we will not have staff there to provide babysitting services.

What should I pack?
Come prepared for a relaxing winter vacation. Bring both casual and business casual clothing, work-out clothes, play clothes and winter boots!

How can I learn more about Hotel on North?
For a great sense of what the Hotel on North has to offer, please see their website, https://hotelonnorth.com.

What if I have more questions?
Call us any time at 866-680-4744!

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Please complete and submit the Family Stay & Play Interest Form. Please note, you must also reserve your room through Hotel on North, which is different than the procedure in prior years. We will not be booking rooms on behalf of our guests this season.

Dates and Weekend Rates

Friday, January 19 – Sunday, January 21, 2019

Contact Hotel on North for available room rates!

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