Electronics Policy

Camp provides a wonderful opportunity for our campers to “unplug”. We find that it is much easier for them to make social connections when they are not looking at a screen. Electronics such as phones, tablets, and handheld gaming devices are NOT allowed at camp (nor on the bus to camp).

Please reinforce the following rules with your child before camp begins.

  • Absolutely NO CELL PHONES are permitted at camp.
  • No walkie-talkies
  • No iPads, iPod touches, tablets or laptops
  • No apple watches
  • No PSPs, Gameboys, or any other electronic video game systems

Any of these prohibited items will be confiscated.

Music is an important part of our camp culture. Campers are allowed to bring a basic MP3 player (e.g. Sony NWE394 Walkman MP3 Player or SanDisk Clip Sport Plus MP3 Player, both available on Amazon) with no video or game capabilities to camp.

Likewise, most of our campers are avid readers. We do allow Kindles and other e-readers as long as they contain only books, with no game, video or internet content.