Camp Akeela Staff Reference Form

    This applicant has applied for a position on our summer staff at Camp Akeela/Beyond Akeela and has listed you as a reference. We would appreciate your assistance in evaluating his/her/their candidacy. Camp work is challenging and counselors must be able to relate effectively to children and teens, adult supervisors and their peers. A staff member must be a great role model for our children and teens and be able to live within community standards, such as a nightly curfew. We are looking for mature young adults who love children, are spirited and fun and who approach their responsibilities seriously.

    Camp Akeela offers a traditional sleepaway experience to campers aged 9-16 who struggle socially with their peers. Likewise, Beyond Akeela offers a college readiness program for teens 16-19 with an emphasis on their social and independent living skills. Our campers are bright, creative and "quirky" kids who have difficulty forming and maintaining friendships. Many have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or a non-verbal learning difference. However, Akeela is not a therapeutic camp. While our counselors will receive training and on-going support in helping campers make connections, their primary responsibility is support our effort to provide campers with a life changing and fun summer camp experience. (You can learn much more about our camps at & ).

    Please do not hesitate to call us at 866-680-4744 with any questions or additional comments.


    Thank you for your thoughtful answers that will truly help us gain insight into this applicants character create the best summer camp experience for our campers. If you know anyone who you think could be a good fit in our community please feel free to share our website or contact information with them. Thank you!