A Typical Day at Camp Akeela Wisconsin

7:30 Wake up
Campers get dressed, make their beds, brush their teeth and wash for breakfast
8:00 Breakfast
Campers eat in hall “cabin” groups.
8:30 Clean-up
Counselors guide campers as they help roommates keep their rooms neat and clean.
9:00 Group Meetings
Campers meet daily as a group with counselors and key staff to discuss bunk concerns, individual and group goals, and to preview the day’s schedule
9:15 First Activity Period
Groups go to activities together with their cabin counselors
10:15 Second Activity Period
11:15 Down-Time
Counselors supervise free play, and campers wash for lunch
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Rest Hour + Preview of Afternoon Schedule
1:45 Third Activity Period
2:45 Snack
3:00 Specialty Period 1
Campers are empowered to choose two activities each week to “specialize” in
4:00 Specialty Period 2
5:00 Shower time
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Evening Meeting
The entire camp community meets to recognize camper achievements, read from the suggestion box, and look ahead to upcoming activities
7:30 Evening Activity
A mixture of all-camp events, special interest exploration and small-group games
8:30 Snack + “Day In Review”
Campers enjoy a healthy snack while participating in a nightly bunk check-in activity
Bedtime varies depending on age.

Wisconsin Day Camp

Wisconsin Camp Akeela