Videos From Camp

Camp Akeela

All about Camp Akeela, a coed, overnight summer camp in Vermont. (This is our full camp video.)

History of Camp Akeela

The camp’s founders and directors, Debbie and Eric Sasson, talk about what inspired them to start Camp Akeela.

About the Directors

Eric and Debbie Sasson, Camp Akeela’s directors, share a little bit about their backgrounds and how they got to Camp Akeela.

About Eric

Eric Sasson gives a brief description of the path he took to becoming the founder and director of Camp Akeela.

About Debbie

Akeela’s co-director Debbie Sasson talks about how her personal experiences at camp and her psychology background led her to open Camp Akeela.

About Our Campers

A brief description of a typical Camp Akeela camper, from Debbie and Eric Sasson, the camp directors.


About Our Staff

Camp Akeela’s Directors, Eric and Debbie Sasson, talk about how they find, hire and train the world’s greatest camp staff.

A Message to Prospective Staff

A welcome message to anyone thinking about applying for a job at Camp Akeela, from Debbie and Eric Sasson, the camp directors.

Meet Evan

Evan talks about his experience as a camper at Akeela.

Meet Catherine

Watch Catherine discuss her first summer at camp.


Meet Aviva

Aviva tells us all about the community she loves to be a part of at Akeela.

Meet Yonatan

Yonatan shares what makes Akeela a special place for him.


Meet Lydia

Lydia tells us all about her camp experience, and how Akeela is her second home.

Meet Joshua

Joshua shares why he continues to return year after year.