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  • Winter 2015 Newsletter

Winter 2015 Newsletter

  • January 23rd, 2015

The latest edition of the camp newsletter, The Akeela Circular, is here! It […]

Our Families Say

Scott had a wonderful experience at camp. The counselors must be some special young men — they have made a huge impact on Scott. He misses them terribly and is already talking about next summer at Camp Akeela.
Thanks, again for a terrific summer of growth, opportunity and fun. Alex loved camp and can’t wait to go back next year.
We would just like to say thank you for all this camp has done for Nicole! It was all we could have hoped for her! She was so apprehensive before going to camp and to see her with her new friends and counselors when we picked her up was priceless!
I spent months looking for the right camp, and as you know many phone conversations being sure you were the right place. I could not have asked for better!
I wanted to tell you how VERY pleased I am with Richard’s experience at Akeela. I picked up a different boy than I sent. He was more polite and considerate, more caring and fun, more free in many ways.
When asked about Debbie and Eric, Claudia wrote “They were happy I was there”. The fact that you guys could make her feel this way says so much about what you have achieved in a few short weeks. I can count on one hand the number of times that Claudia has come away from a new social experience feeling better about herself than she did when she arrived. Kudos to you both. You are doing important work there and we thank you so much. Looking forward to her return already!!
Thank you so much again, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful summer experience and all the changes it will bring in his life from now on. They say it takes a village… but I think it takes a CAMP!!!!!
Noah hasn’t stopped talking about his experience at Camp Akeela. Seeing the outcome has exceeded even our most optimistic expectations. We already are looking forward to next year.
I want to thank you for helping me to get Zoe’s difficulty with her bunk-mate squared away. You’re doing a terrific thing by having such a camp. You’ve certainly made a lasting impression on us. Your fun-loving kindness, dedication and hard work are clear and obvious. We hope nothing but good grows from what you have begun here. Thank you for everything.
I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with all of your staff. Billy loved all of the counselors and instructors. I was struck by the strong relationships that all of them had developed with our son over such a short amount of time.
You have no idea how lucky I feel that we found you, that you’re so excellent a camp and that I can give Jon this wonderful, happy experience!
I was thrilled to hear of Meghan’s many accomplishments at camp. I am thrilled to learn she expanded her comfort level to try them. We can not stop raving about the staff, programming and overall sense of love and encouragement we witnessed today. Akeela was a terrific experience for Meghan and is quite simply an exceptional place.
Thank you for making Reed’s first “away” camp such a wonderful experience. We missed him but are so excited to hear about his new friends and accomplishments. You’re a very special group of people and we are so grateful for the time that you shared with Reed.
Zack is definitely a more mature, and more confident kid and we think Akeela played an important role in this transformation.
I am so grateful for the wonderfully affirming camp experience you created for Caitlin. There were so many aspects of the camp that were impressive, but the compassion of the counselors was absolutely inspiring. Thank you for your dedication to these kids.
The small setting and high counselor-to-camper ratio were great. The staff was fantastic. It’s hard to find a camp for an older child who wants to attend for the first time and Akeela was a great experience for Chris.
Debbie and Eric are my heroes. From our initial meeting in February to the video chat they had with my anxious camper (for an hour, no less) to an amazing summer… They are kind, compassionate, helpful and thorough. My trust in Debbie & Eric and the entire Akeela staff was immeasurable. I felt confident that it was the right place for Nate and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.
I just saw a picture of Amanda and I have not seen her that happy in a very long time!! Words can not express my gratitude!!