What is Camp Akeela?

Camp Akeela is a 3.5 week sleep-away camp in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. We are a small, nurturing community that supports 120 bright and kind boys and girls who are struggling socially. Some of our campers have an ASD or Aspergers diagnosis while many others don’t have a formal diagnosis but do best in a more structured and predictable setting. Our campers live in recently renovated cabins with up to 8 other children and 4 counselors.

Other Programs

In addition to our traditional summer camp for grades 3 – 10, Akeela offers exciting options for older teenagers and for entire families! Beyond Akeela is a travel experience that prepares 11th and 12th graders for life after high school, with an emphasis on social skills, independent living skills and community service. Family Camp is a one-week overnight camp in mid-August for parents and children to bond and meet new friends.