Packing List

The Packing List below details the clothing and equipment that will be needed at camp. The list is only a suggested guide. Substitutions can be made for individual preferences and age appropriateness. Campers do not need more than what’s recommended and storage space is limited. Please do not overbuy!

All items brought to camp must be clearly marked with the camper’s name. We highly recommend the peel-and-stick washable labels from Label Daddy. (And enter AKEELA at checkout to have 25% of your order donated to CampLauncher!

☐ 1 white or grey Akeela t-shirt
☐ 10 additional t-shirts
☐ 3 long-sleeved t-shirts
☐ 4 pair pants (sweatpants, jeans, etc.)
☐ 6-8 pair shorts
☐ 2 sweatshirts (1 hooded)
☐ 2 pair sneakers
☐ 12 pair underwear
☐ 12 pair athletic socks
☐ 1 comforter or 3 cot-sized wool blankets (VT can be cold at night!)
☐ 4 cot-sized or twin sheets (2 flat & 2 fitted)
☐ 2-3 bath towels
☐ 2 swim/beach towels
☐ 2 washcloths
☐ 1 shower caddy with soap dish, cup, toothbrush holder & toiletries
☐ 25 pre-addressed, stamped envelopes with stationery
☐ 1 pillow with 2 cases
☐ 3-4 bathing suits (GIRLS: one-piece or tankinis only!)
☐ 1 pair flip flops/sandals/Crocs
☐ 2 hats with brim
☐ 1 fleece jacket or heavyweight jacket
☐ 1 knee-length rain jacket or poncho with hood
☐ 1 pair rain boots
☐ 1 sleeping bag (ALL 10th graders need a sleeping bag as do campers who are signed up for the optional overnight trip.)
☐ 1 flashlight
☐ 1 water bottle or canteen (All Campers MUST bring)
☐ 1 bottle insect repellent
☐ 1 pr. hiking shoes (or sturdy sneakers) – please break in before camp
☐ 1 bottle sunscreen
☐ 1 small backpack (an Akeela backpack will be provided to all first-time campers)

☐ Sunglasses
☐ Camera
☐ Music player (without screen content)
☐ Baseball glove
☐ Musical instrument q Tennis racquet
☐ Fishing rod
☐ Books
☐ Crazy Creek chair (or similar)

Lands’ End is our official camp outfitter! Feel free to take a look at the online catalogue for any optional Akeela gear:

Shipping Bags to Camp

At Akeela, we ask that all camper bags be sent to camp before your camper arrives so that our counselors can unpack and organize each child. This policy is a very important part of our philosophy. We find that campers feel less anxious when there is less settling in to do upon arrival. They feel at home when they walk into a bunk that’s already set up – they find their stuff and suddenly, the bunk feels familiar to them. In addition, we find that campers have an easier time staying organized when they start off organized! Finally, our counselors love getting to know each child before they even arrive … especially if you place a photo and note in the bag for them to discover!

You can ship your camper’s bags via USPS, UPS or FedEx. We also work with a camp shipping company, R&B Shipping, which will come right to your door to pick up your camper’s bags. Regardless of how you ship the bags, we ask that they are delivered to us at least 3 days before your child’s scheduled arrival at camp.